Architecture, structure, energy, cabins of feeding, system of fire protection, water, sewer, galleries, terraplanagem, cetesb, conditional air, among others.

For any type of reform or restoration we will be ready to take care of it.

We in general offer our services of maintenance of workmanships as magnifyings, cleannesses, drainings, pavement, terraplanagem, demolitions, estucamento, fossas and maintenance in general.

We integrate to the enterprise an analysis of the services, with study economic technician and of viability, suppliments, planning, act of contract and supervision technique for project specialty.
Elaboration and accompaniment of cronograma, control of applied costs, analysis of interference enter the diverse specialties of project and coordination and accompaniment of emission of all documentations.

The planning and execution of special projects demand much quality and professionalism in the given services. The ESATTA keeps and perfects its team, facilitating the viabilização of these projects in fast way, needs and insurance: Clean rooms, acoustic bases presses, laboratories, treatments, rooms of gymnastics, squares, swimming pools, you square esportivas, barrages, studio for filmings and many others.

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