The current market demands globalizadas companies and solutions.

Acting it has 17 years in the branch of the civil construction, development of projects, consultoria, maintenance, administration of workmanships and industrial and commercial installations, the ESATTA offers to its customers solutions that make compatible economy and technology.

With headquarters in São José dos Campos - SP and acting in all the domestic territory, the quantity technician of the ESATTA includes workmanships of the most diverse capacities and complexities, englobando surrounding cultural and of leisure, educational, commercial and industrial.

Counting on qualified and enabled professionals highly, if they have detached in projects with traditional technology and others, as well as metallic structures, daily pay molded, dry wall, stagecraft, elevators, draining, pavement and recovery of structures.

Its innovative form of management of workmanships has attracted customers as: Prefeitura de São José dos Campos, TV Vanguarda Paulista (Afiliada da Rede Globo de Televisão), SESC, SENAC, Amplimatic, Sta Efigênia Empreendimentos, Método Engenharia,  Industrias de Auto - Peças, among others.

We can detach enters its accomplishments the Construction of: :
GRANDE HOTEL SENAC (Campos do Jordão), SHOPPING 600 with 5 floors/Square of Elevating feeding Parking (São Paulo-SP) , TECSYS do BRASIL (São José dos Campos-SP), TECSAT (São José dos Campos-SP), beyond the Complete Reformation of THEATER ANCHIETA SESC CONSOLAÇÂO (São Paulo-SP, reform and magnifying of TRIMTEC AUTOPEÇAS (Caçapava – SP)  and of the FACULDADES INTEGRADAS DE GUARULHOS-FIG (Guarulhos-SP), magnifying of the installations of the TV VANGUARDA (Affiliated of the REDE GLOBO em São José dos Campos-SP), radaptation reform the new norms of accessibility in the UNIDADE DO SESC CONSOLAÇÂO (São Paulo) and general maintenance of plants FADEMAC E INYLBRA TAPETES DE VELUDOS.

Public licitations:
Construction of the Building INCUBADORA DE NEGÓCIOS (Prefeitura de São José dos Campos-SP), the Reformation of School Publishes (Prefeitura de São José dos Campos.)

Throughout these 17 years, the ESATTA invested in its picture technician where its director Alberto Biasi had chance to know new technologies of civil construction in the United States and if he structuralized in the direction to take care of to more demanding markets each time.

We acquire greater quality for a perfect attendance, and add values to the businesses of our customers.

The option for the ESATTA is the chance of innovative solutions for its company and mainly the differential of the attendance.

Alberto Biasi

Rua Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 2.700 - Jd. das Indústrias - São José dos Campos - SP - Fone: (12) 3933-0655
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